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Welcome to the official site of Woodland Hills Dentist John Chaves DDS. John and his staff of skilled and caring experts has been the prominent dentist in for residents in the Woodland Hills are for over two decades and has been the go to dentist for numerous TV shows celebrities and professional athletes alike including the owner of 800 Dentist Fred Joyal. John has worked hard to bring breakthrough technologies to the dental industry in both general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry and to give all his patients that celebrity smile at a fraction of the cost.


Dentist Shares His Views on Cosmetic Dentist Dr John Chaves


"I have been a patient of John’s for many years and his quality of work, passion for the industry and care and treatment of patients sets the bar in the dental industry". – Fred Joyal 800 Dentist

For over twenty years Woodland Hills Dentist John Chaves DDS and his entire staff have worked attentively to establish a reputation providing the most stunning and long-lasting Cosmetic Dentistry from basic checkups, restoring and maintaining your dental health, Lumineers, Porelain Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Dentures, Fillings or just basic teeth cleaning Dr Chaves and his staff are hear for you.

Dental Phobe needed Dental Implants See how Veneers Changed Ed's Life

While eyes may be the windows to the soul your teeth are on the front line to a happier healthier life. When your teeth are happy you smile more, when you smile more which helps with lowering your heart rate, better moods, attraction, increased productivity, release stress, looking younger and people who smile more can live on average seven years longer. Crooked, cracked, broken, stained, worn or chipped teeth can easily stop you from smiling but can easily be remedied painlessly with as little as one visit to Woodland Hills Dentist John Chaves DDS

Dental Laser for Gums & Porcelain Veneers

"As a real estate agent I am meeting with potential clients daily and my smile is the first impression I leave on them. John’s amazing working helped me close the deal". – Jocelyn Woodland Hills Real Estate Agent.

Anxiety and Pain have long been associated with going to a dentist and this has prevented people from getting their teeth checked or worked on for many years. Dr Chaves offers numerous pain free solutions to many of both general and cosmetic dentistry treatments and he and his staff understand that no matter the treatment or procedure or how big or small it might be is individual and personal to you and they take every step to insure that your experience is one that is pain and anxiety with lasting results.

For many years I would have shooting pain in my teeth the kind that goes all the way up your jaw to your ears and for days I would take Advil and the pain would suddenly stop so I figured no pain no problem. This and my anxiety about seeing a dentist prevented me from going for many years till finally I chipped a tooth in the back and it was cutting my tongue so after a week of hoping it would go away instead the pain got worse. The X-Ray results showed my tooth was dead and crumbling. John removed my tooth with zero pain and upon my second visit to the office I realized that I had no more anxiety with visiting him. My teeth haven’t hurt since and my stains from 10 years of cigar smoking are gone.
– Chris Cabrera CCO Barry’s Tickets.

When you call Woodland Hills Dentist John Chaves to schedule a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and gums today, you'll find his gentle humor and warm smile a comfortable presence during your exam. If needed, a diagnosis of any problems is provided on the spot and a suggested treatment plan tailored to meet whatever your goals or needs may be. Whether you are coming in for a regular cleaning or you have more urgent matters with your dental health, we are here to help.

We dedicated or passionate about creating and maintaining the perfect smile for you!


Woodland Hills Dental Center Services:

At Woodland Hills Dental Center, we work hard to bring you top-of-the-line dental procedures. Designed to deliver dazzling, healthy smiles, we take the extra measures necessary to ensure painless procedures for even the most sensitive of mouths.

Some of our services include:


Not sure if we are really as good as we say we are? Don't take our word for it. Read some of the touching stories of clients whose smiles and lives have been affected by the promise of a new smile. No longer will you have to live in discomfort from your teeth. Take a closer look at modern cosmetic dentistry and how effective it truly is. We don't have to keep telling you; the stories speak for themselves.



Meet John Chaves DDS:

Dr Chaves is dedicated to every aspect of his patients care, comfort and a unique focus on helping fearful patients overcome their anxieties in order to receive the treatment they need Dr Chaves has also helped pioneer new technologies now being used throughout the world of dentistry and has been awarded several fellowships and diplomat positions in a wide variety of high-profile dental organizations.









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