Various Dental Implants

Various Dental Implants for All Patients

Common Types of Dental Implants:

In the field of Cosmetic Dentistry, there are many different types of Dental Implants, each one designed to meet your specific needs.  Only after a thorough evaluation with the right equipment will your dentist be able to recommend the best treatment option for you.

Root-Form Titanium Dental Implant:  The Most Common Form

The most common type of Dental Implant is the Root-Form Titanium implant; also known as an endosseous or endosteal implant (a name that stems from the fact that these tooth implants are placed directly in the bone).  Root-form implants are made of titanium and are very similar in appearance to screws, nails, or cones.

Sub-Periosteal Dental Implant:  For Those Suffering From Bone Loss

Patients who have suffered great amounts of bone loss are likely to benefit the most from the Sub-Periosteal Dental Implant.  This is for patients who do not have enough bone in the jaw to withstand the Root-Form Titanium Dental Implant.  These types of Dental Implants are placed over the jaw, rather than in it.

Plate-Form Dental Implant: Another Option to Drilling Into the Tooth

Plate-Form Dental Implants are a rectangle piece of metal with either one or two metal prongs on the side.  They are placed vertically in the jaw so the prongs stick up into the mouth where the final Artificial Tooth will later be placed.  This is another option to drilling into the tooth.

Ramus-Frame Dental Implant: For Patients with a Thin Lower Jawbone

Patients with a thin lower-jawbone will likely benefit the most from the Ramus-Frame Dental Implant.  These are placed in the jaw at the back of the mouth and then full or partial dentures are made to fit on a thin metal bar that is visible above the gum tissue once everything heals.

Transosseous Dental Implant:  The Rarest Form of Dental Implant Therapy

The Transosseous Dental Implant is used only in the lower jaw, and the Dental Implant is bolted into the jawbone and made to extend along the bottom of the mouth,
Wedge-Shaped and/or Laser Dental Implant:  For Those with Diabetes
There are several options specifically for patients with health complications.  Patients with diabetes, high blood-pressure, cardiac disease, or poor immune systems must inform their doctor of their condition as well and to be mindful of which Dental Implant procedure is right for you. 

Currently, there are two preferred methods of Dental Implant therapy for patients with such existing conditions: The Wedge-Shaped Dental Implant Therapy and Laser Dental Implant Therapy.

The Wedge-Shaped Dental Implant has the ability to be fused into the bone, thereby reducing pain, bleeding, and recovery time.  Because they are anchored directly into bone, they provide complete stability.  They also minimize bone resorption and atrophy, which can cause inflammation.

Laser Dental Implant Therapy promotes faster healing of the gums following surgery.  Not everyone is a good candidate for Laser Dental Implants, so discuss every option with your Cosmetic Dentist

Zirconium Dental Implants:  For Those Wanting Immediate Function

The Immediate Function Dental Implant allows you to complete your Dental Implant Therapy immediately, rather than wait for the bone to heal.  This means you are able to walk out of the office by the end of the day with your new implants ready to go! 
The Immediate Function Dental Implant isnít good for those suffering from gum disease or inflammation.  Artificial teeth are attached in the early stages of the procedure, thereby weakening the implants themselves.

Silver Dental Implant:  For Those Wanting A More Cost-Effective Solution
Silver Dental Implant Therapy is the cheaper route to go if money is your concern.  Rather than titanium, they are made of silver.

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