Cosmetic Composite Fillings

The 3 Most Common Types of Fillings.

You need Woodland Hills fillings if you have decaying teeth. This procedure is an essential dental treatment that not only repairs rotting teeth but also prevents the spread of tooth decay. Having your tooth fillings on time can help you avoid root canal procedure or even tooth extraction. Also, if you allow decayed teeth to go untreated, you may increase your chance of getting gum infection that can later on spread to other parts of your body through your blood circulation. Therefore, fillings are vital not just for your teeth but also to your overall health condition. Here are the common types of dental fillings.

The first and most common type of tooth filling is amalgam. Decades ago, amalgam fillings are composed of substances like mercury, copper, silver, and tin. This results in a silvery white finish that can be very long-lasting. But because the color of this type of filling does not match that of the human teeth, it does not look attractive. Besides, due to the dangers posed by mercury, which were discovered fairly recently, amalgam fillings using such metallic element is now being discouraged. Still, in many parts of the world, dental amalgam made from mercury solution is widely used.

The second most common type of dental fillings uses ionomers made from resin and glass. Dentists apply this type of fillings if the decay is small and occurs right at the root of the tooth or in between teeth. Apart from the absence of mercury, another advantage of ionomer-based fillings is that they can be made to resemble the natural color of the teeth, which means they are more attractive to look at. Glass ionomers come from a mixture of glass powders and acrylic acids, while resin ionomers are produced using acrylic and acrylic acids. On the downside, resin and glass ionomers may not be that durable if they are used in areas that have to absorb tremendous pressure when one chews on food.

Finally, if you want to get Woodland Hills fillings, the third most common type of fillings used by dentists today is made up of composites. Similar to ionomers, composite fillings are prepared using a mixture of glass and white resin materials. However, composites are more durable and can fairly bear the brunt of your chewing. Composite fillings are also used together with dental adhesives, protecting such fillings from minor fractures. In this regard, fillings made from composite materials are effective even for medium-sized tooth decay.

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