Most Practical Way to Deal with Tooth Loss

Most Practical Way to Deal with Tooth Loss

Woodland Hills implant dentistry can help bring back your smile and allow you to eat all sorts of food with ease. This type of dental operation basically embeds a piece of silver or titanium right into the place where a tooth was once rooted. The implant will serve as the new artificial dental root and will be inserted either in the upper or lower jaw bone. Over time, natural bone will grow around the implant which will make it sturdy enough to hold bridgework, dental crowns or even an over-denture. Tooth implants will work in the same way that natural roots do. The only difference is that implants can last a lifetime.

But sturdiness is not the only advantage of having dental implants. You see, unlike dentures and other types of removable tooth replacements, a dental implant can be easily maintained just like real teeth. You can absolutely brush and floss your artificial implants. As a matter of fact, you will also need regular visits to the dentist every year to ensure that your artificial tooth replacement is always fixed in place and properly cared for. The point is that you do not need any special maintenance kits or solutions to keep your tooth implants in tiptop condition.

Moreover, since dental implants are embedded into your jawbones, they have a more comfortable feel compared to dentures. You do not have to worry about your implants falling off while you open your mouth. Also, if you undergo implant dentistry, you do not have to be embarrassed by lisps when you speak because your artificial implant will be firmly in place all the time. Of course, if you experience severe pain or annoyance because of your missing teeth, dental implants are a more practical solution that guarantees results as though your teeth have been specially tailor made for you.

The best part about undergoing Woodland Hills implant dentistry is that it is proven to be a safe and superior way of dealing with tooth loss. As you may know, titanium is a hard and light material that can be safely integrated with human tissues. Thus, you will enjoy the strength of this metal without worrying about any long-term side effects like gum inflammation. Right now, 90% of all patients that undergo implant dentistry are successful. These patients include adults, older folks and even children. More advances are being made in this area in dentistry and even more improved results are expected in the years to come.

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