Tapered Internal Implants

Tapered Internal Implants

Tapered Internal Implants are one of the newest Dental Implant treatment options available.  They attribute an exclusive thread design and verified surface engineering technology.

This special new implant addressed the 50% of patients in need of Dental Implant therapy that fall into the tapered market.  The Tapered Internal Implant utilized precision laser collar surface treatment that controls cellular growth as well as manipulates both hard and soft tissue attachments onto the new implants. 

After more than 15 years of researching, this patented procedure is vital in the treatment of preventing a downgrowth in bone, as well as retaining the crestal bone.  The final result is improved hard and soft tissues and a stunning aesthetic appeal.  Talk to your Cosmetic Denstist about finding the Dental Implant Therapy that is right for you!

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